A month later

…and it has been an amazing feeling to finally let go of the album. To honestly say to my self that I finished something I`ve been working on for probably the longest period any project has taken me.

…just to realize only half of the work is done when actually releasing an album; promotion and actually getting the music out to the listener is a totally separate job than noodling away in the studio, but maybe just as important. But we surely have gotten our feet into these new waters: Color/Greyscale is now available for purchase on Bandcamp, Beatport, iTunes and all other digital outlets. Physical stock available in most music-outlets throughout the Oslo area in shops like Platekompaniet, Tiger, Filter, Soundgarden and many more.

plakat yeahOur new poster, altough in Norwegian, I have a feeling you know what it says.

tiger approves  The recordshop Tiger condones fresh sounds in this article.

bestselger platekompaniet
Best-seller you say?