Release of new EP: Greyscale 01

Greyscale 01 black

“Greyscale 01” is the second in the Color/Greyscale EP-series.

Featuring a blend of new and older tracks, this is the first EP in the Greyscale side of the series. However, as you might gather from the artwork, this is a particularily colorful Greyscale release 🙂 From the opening track all the way to the closing title, the EP focuses more on the dubby side than the technoid aspect that usually follows Greyscale; this is more of a crossover of straight up dub, electronica and house.

01 – Unknown Cause – D_beaut
02 – Unknown Cause – Tømtedubb
03 – Unknown Cause – The White Rhino
04 – Unknown Cause – Sunday Strategies

Greyscale 01 will be available in all major digital outlets from 15/09/2015.

Mastered by Zzzzra (